Any Runners, Bikers, or Swimmers around here?


Oct 11, 2009
So, I've got a wild idea.

It looks like I'm headed to Utah next spring for my son's wedding. One thing I've done at times when travelling for various reasons is looked for some athletic event to participate in -- marathons, triathlons, etc.

I ran my first Marathon in 2010. I've run two since then, along with a bunch more half marathons, and even a couple of "sprint" distance triathlons.

Last night I was looking for some possible events to participate in while I'm down south. I found out that there is a Half Ironman in St. George the weekend after the wedding. I'm debating whether to sign up. My other option I'm considering is running the Provo City Half Marathon the weekend before, and then going and either watching the Half Ironman in St. George, or maybe even volunteering.

Anyhow, enough about me. Any other endurance sport participants bumping around here? Feel free to share your experiences below.