Any websites to watch full length free movies on iPhone?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Fred87nc, Dec 31, 2007.

  1. Fred87nc

    Fred87nc New Member

    I am looking for websites where I can watch free movies on iPhone. Anyone know of any? I know has videos from VEOH which is also known for having full length movies. If any one knows of a good website where I can stream movies or even TV shows, I'll gladly appreciate it.
  2. mad_vtak

    mad_vtak New Member

    Find what you can on youtube. Currently the iphone does not have a flash player so you will not be able play the movies off the site.
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  4. jjvaldez

    jjvaldez New Member

    full length films will be hell to load of EGDE i hope that you are asking for wifi...
  5. Fred87nc

    Fred87nc New Member

    Ok guys thanks for you input.
    I'm aware that the iphone does not have a flash player, and not everyone relies on Edge. Back when the iPhone was release, there was this website that had full lenght movies that you could watch on your iPhone. The website at its time was in Beta and only feature old movies.

    Well I wanted to know if anyone knew of a similar website since It shouldn't be so hard to upload a whole Movie in MP4 format, in parts.
  6. KNK

    KNK New Member

    Even if you buy a movie from iTunes it takes more than an hour to download before you can even watch it, there lies the problem with trying that on an iPhone.
  7. Fred87nc

    Fred87nc New Member Advance search, Have all of them checked except the porno ones. Page 3. I am Legend.avi, Full movie Quality 8

    This is just one movie I found today. Must be alot hidden in
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  8. Mrlooks2good

    Mrlooks2good New Member

    I registered an account on this site just to answer your question, lucky you?

    But anyhow, (no longer working)

    i see this as beeing the best movie site for the ipod/iphone it's run by a bunch of students idk whether college or highschool kids but either way they do a good job. Just dont expect no 100% proffesional quality movies.

    Atleast 90% is good tho sum blurs here and there, but u cant complain... It's free!
  9. Ericdajerk

    Ericdajerk New Member

    ^^thanks alot, I just watched one of them, it was clear as hell even over 3g
  10. Terry M.

    Terry M. Contributor

    Hmmm...... Wonder what I'm doing wrong? I go to play one and it either " can't play movie" or it will play audio only. I tried a few different movies and all of them were either one or the other problem above?
  11. Mrlooks2good

    Mrlooks2good New Member

    What are you using ipod?/iphone? 1st gen,2nd gen? Is it jailbroken?

    That happened to me once, but i just closed the movie and refreshed. Then opened movie again, and it was fine...if that doesnt work, i really wouldn't know what to say. But perhaps these are some reasons..

    • If your iPhone is jailbroken, that may be the problem.
    • If you are using 1st gen ipod/phone. You might need to upgrade because they suck :p (so that could b the problem.)

  12. Terry M.

    Terry M. Contributor

    It's a brand new iPhone that isn't jailbroken yet. I tried later last night and got it to work but the quality wasn't all that good but hey, it's free! Must have been a fluke thing yesterday during the day. *shrug* thanks for the reply though.
  13. Mrlooks2good

    Mrlooks2good New Member

    How do you thank some one according to this site? If you look to the left under my name, you'll see thanks: 0, and thanked in post : 0, i have no idea what they are for... But who ever i helped out with this.. THANK me!...Please. XD, want my account to look a little better rather than just 3 post ;)
  14. Mrlooks2good

    Mrlooks2good New Member

    Ok, and np

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