Anybody with a BT adapter HELP!


New Member
Sep 8, 2007
This question is for those using the Jabra a125s or those using ANY BT adapter:

Today I got the Jabra a125s BT adapter and Cardo S-2 headphones. I had no problem getting the headphones to pair with both the phone and the BT adapter but I keep loosing connection to the Jabra adapter with my headphones. It is not a problem with the headphones because I am listening to music off my computer right now with no problems and I never loose connection with the phone after pairing the headphones. I don't think its a connection issue between the iPhone and the adapter because if you unplug the Jabra it will pause the music on the phone. My guess is that it is the BT adapter that is dropping the connection. It drops sound then the light on the Jabra starts flashing while its looking for the headphones.

Is anybody else having problems with ANY of the BT adapters doing the same thing?