anyone been able to get ringtones in 7.4.2 to work

Jan 29, 2007
I saw the post about just changing the extensions back to m4r and the new version of iTunes would recognize them again.

This has not worked for me and I have not heard or seen anything from any of the software providers if this has or can be fixed.

Anyone hear anything or know something?
Jul 21, 2007
Aloha edwardlotz,

I'm on a Mac, running iTunes 7.4.2 as well. I don't use the iTunes ringtone capability, as I'd rather just use SSH for that. Once AppTap installer is known to work with the newest iTunes update, I simply re-install the AppTap installer, MobileTerminal, and OpenSSH, created DSA keys on my iPhone, then run Fugu on my iMac to access my iPhone. Fugu gives me drag and drop ability, from my iMac to my iPhone. I don't have to worry about file extensions either - in fact, all of the ringtones I've added to my iPhone are .mp3 files. I use Audacity to chop up the original files to ringtone size. I've found that it's easier to just use SSH than try and keep one step ahead of Apple.