Anyone buy Aqua Forest that could post a review?


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Jun 4, 2008
Philly, PA
I really like the looks of Aqua Forest. I have played a similar game on the PC and it was quite fun. If anyone has bought it could you post a little review on your thoughts?

Tytanius :cool:


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Jun 18, 2007
this was on of my first purchases. its really fun to pass time. theyres two modes. one called puzzle i think and the other called free. the puzzle one is just like 50 tutorials on how to use all the tools to do other things and its fun ive completly most of them but a couple were extremely difficult. each one incorporates a new way to get the water or whatever they present to you into the "goal". then in free mode you can do whatever you want, theyre are about 20 diff idk id call them elements. (water, fire, ice, gas, ect.) and everything reacts how it should in real time. after you have serval things in tho it gets a little sluggish and slow but im sure theyll fix that. other than that i really like this app it reallly shows off the iPhones capabilitys.

heres a video

the house burning part is really cool ive tried it lol