Anyone else using Synchronica ML with MS Exchange?


Mar 8, 2007
Columbus, GA
I signed up for the trial back in August and it has worked great. I was wondering if anyone had been cut off just yet. It might have been a 90 day trial which means it should be running out soon. It would be nice if they offered a more attractive price for individuals, but it seems like it's more for businessses. The smallest package is for 5 licenses for $3000. Oh well, I'll just use it as long as I can and then hope I can talk the IT guy into enabling IMAP on our exchange server.


New Member
Sep 14, 2007

Yes i am in the same boat i am using the trial of synchronica, though mine is 60 days and will probably run out at the end of this month i think. I just keep hoping for activesync or BBconnect!


Jun 26, 2007
Pittsburgh, PA
I think we're all in the same boat.

I've been using the free trial for awhile now, although I can't remember exactly when I started. It seems to me that it's probably nearing its expiration.

If Synchronica is smart, they'll make the iPhone solution available to individual users for a reasonable monthly fee. The chairman of my company has an iPhone, one of our VPs has one, one of our IT managers has one, one of the marketing managers has one and I have one...and there's ABSOLUTELY NO WAY my IT department is going to pay thousands of dollars for the service. They'd just as soon set up Exchange to handle IMAP than pay big bucks for a service. They're concerned with the security of configuring Exchange in that way, but they're even more concerned with providing usernames & passwords to a third-party service like Synchronica.

I'll enjoy it while it lasts, but the only way I'll keep using it is if Synchronica can give ME the choice to keep using it for a reasonable cost. I thought that one of the intentions of the service was to give people a way around their company's IT issues. Charging huge fees means that IT has to get involved, and that's the kiss of death, at least in my situation.