Anyone familiar with pay pal?

Jan 5, 2018
I listed some blu rays to sell on a forum and a guy offered 230 for them all..about 28 total. He' gives me his address, Canada and then 20 minutes ago the 230 pops into my account as an instant payment. The issue is under details it says no seller protection per no shipping address. Should I just nip this in the bud now or is there a way to protect myself?
If the seller doesn't have a CONFIRMED shipping address with PayPal, DON'T SHIP. Cancel the sale. ALWAYS specify that payment must be made from a PayPal account with a CONFIRMED address. You can check it on your PayPal account. Do a reversal of his payment from within PayPal, do not send him money back.


New Member
Mar 22, 2018
It's a common way to lose the money and your blue rays ) Do not have any deals with a person without confirmed address