Anyone get a dock yet?

One of the things I think I want for my Apple Watch is a charging dock. I anticipate charging it intermittently during the day, but also at night. After looking at all the available solutions it seems that that a majority position the watch at a 45 degree angle facing upwards. While this may be convenient on a desktop or table, I suspect it wouldn't be very useful on a nightstand since it would be hard to read from a prone position in bed. I have looked extensively and only found two docks that allow adjustment of the angle of the watch while being charged, and unfortunately neither is actually ready for sale yet.

The one I think I like best is the Bandstand. A nice clean design plus it has hidden USB ports for also charging other devices.

The other is the Native Union Dock. It is a heavy unit that can be used laying flat with the watch on top with the display angled perfectly for viewing from bed, or with the watch on the side, at any angle.

So, anyone have a dock and what have you discovered after using it for a while?


Jun 10, 2006
Long Island, NY
I haven't thought about a dock. Not sure if I'd want something that would go well with my watch or with my bedroom decor. It's more rustic, Pottery Barn wood look.