Anyone on instagram?

Discussion in 'Photo Sharing' started by Muckcityjustin, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. Muckcityjustin

    Muckcityjustin Evangelist

    anyone here on instagram? i am follow me @muckcityjustin

    i love this app and i did a search on here and it came back with no results. Sorry if this is a thread already.
  2. Steve60

    Steve60 New Member

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  4. Beastly2k12

    Beastly2k12 New Member

  5. iphonewarrior

    iphonewarrior Moderator

    Thread moved to the Photo Sharing section.
  6. ZR_Yancy

    ZR_Yancy Genius

  7. MuscleMommy

    MuscleMommy Contributor


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  8. MyRichLife

    MyRichLife Zealot


    ITS ME DAVID Evangelist

  10. canamera

    canamera Zealot

    I am, but just to use the photo effects...I'm not big on sharing them...

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  11. Mrs.D619

    Mrs.D619 New Member

    mrs_d619....FOLLOW ME!:)
  12. Muckcityjustin

    Muckcityjustin Evangelist

  13. ~DS~

    ~DS~ Member


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  14. leannestarkie

    leannestarkie New Member

    @leannestarkie =] would really like some more followers! x
  15. Muckcityjustin

    Muckcityjustin Evangelist

  16. Sharunda

    Sharunda Genius

    Why and how did I miss this thread IDFK!!!!!! however, I am trying to follow all of you guys.

    I got you Leannestarkie. When I put the names in Instagram tells me that they can't find you other guys. IDK what I'm doing wrong and it's starting to piss me off! It shouldn't be so hard! The only reason I got Leanestarkie is because I went to Muckcity's following area and found her. But the Find friends can't find anyone, or just won't.

    Muckcityjustin - I've been following you for a while.

    If you can find me I am @Sharunda on Instagram. I hope you guys can find me. Maybe you'll have better luck.
  17. Muckcityjustin

    Muckcityjustin Evangelist

    I did a search for you and it came up with no user found?
  18. Sharunda

    Sharunda Genius

    See, that's what I'm talking about!!! O_o Why can't the search find people? They've got a problem. I am following you though. If you look in your list of who's following you I should be there and you can follow me from there. That is actually how I was able to follow a few people because the search didn't work.
  19. Sharunda

    Sharunda Genius

    OMG!! I am Sharunda1st on Instagram!!! Dag on it!! Sorry. Maybe that's why you couldn't find me.

    I thought I changed that. I just wanted Sharunda. I'll check into it. I remember changing the name.
  20. Muckcityjustin

    Muckcityjustin Evangelist

    ahh found and followed
  21. chris

    chris Administrator

    I'm on Instagram - meinck

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