ApolloIM being weird

Aug 20, 2007
I've been using Apollo for a few days now, liked it so far. Today it's being odd. First it wouldn't sign on, it would just sit there, basically locked up for 30 seconds, then bring up the home screen.

Now, I can sign on, but when I tap on a buddy, I get sent back to the home screen, and if I bring up Apollo again, I am signed out....:mad:

Anyone else having issues?

I don't have that many people on AIM, but I will really use a lot when they get libpurple ported over so we will have all the clients on there.


New Member
Aug 19, 2007
aye Bay~Bay~
used to be a fan of apollo, still is but it just crashes too much. and since mobilechat got a really good upgrade with such a good stability rate, and that im a heavy AIM user, i just hope apollo stabolizes everything, get everything in order, less crashes because it was a good direction.