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Discussion in 'iPhone 5' started by rugved1118, Jul 23, 2014.

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    Is there any FREE app for screen sharing on idevices ? I would like to share a ppt with my other friends on their iPhone/ipad.. It should be such that when i move to next slide, the same should be refreshed on other devices with whom am sharing.

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    Not that I know of. There are apps you can make photo slides with, but they won't show simultaneously on someone else's phone. You can, however, send them to your friends via email. Just take the screen shots to include in the slide, and follow directions.


    Shadow Puppet:

    Slide X Pro:
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    I found three... unfortunately, none appears to be free for your needs. I know you wanted free, but if one of these is within the price you may be willing to pay for that feature, then read on... is free for basic, but the feature you want requires a PRO account, which likely means a subscription model


    Mobile Presenterâ„¢ - iPhone and iPod Screen Sharing and Projection:

    This one will set you back $4... and each friend with whom you want to share the screen will also have to pay $4.


    Then there's the far more expensive Slingshot - "Slingshot works by subscription. After a 30-day full feature trial, its plans range from 1-to-1 connections for $10/month ($110/year) to an enterprise-worthy model at $100/month ($1000/year) for up to 25 users, 5 camera feeds, and phone support."

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