AppInfo Fix For iOS 8.X

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    Follow these steps in order
    1. Download both iFile and Appinfo from Cydia you haven’t already
    2. Open iFile and Navigate to ” /var/mobile/Containers/Bundle “
    3. Tap and hold ” Application ” and click ” Select “
    4. Tap the Clipboard icon on the bottom of the iFile menu and select ” Copy/Link ” option
    5. Select ” Done ” in the top right corner
    6. Navigate to ” /var/mobile “
    7. Select ” Edit ” in the top right corner “
    8. Tap the Clipboard icon on the bottom of the iFile menu and select ” Create Link ” option
    9. Select ” Done ” in the top right corner
    10. Click the blue exclamation point next to the Application link you created
    11. Tap in the Name area and add a S to the end of the name so it makes it ” Applications “
    12. Select ” Done ” in the top right corner
    13. Close iFile and reload Appinfo and try it out
    • Note: you’re just creating a link to the application folder and renaming it so Appinfo can find it, not copying all the files. Make sure this don’t happen if you use another method to try this other then using iFile. Such as another file browser tweak or stuff like iFunbox and ect.
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    AppInfo allows you to display information about Cydia packages you have on your device, such as an App’s total size, a Cydia package’s installed files, detailed versions and descriptions also all installed apps and repos. You can sort them alphabetically too.
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    A tid bit of info. For me, there was no link or exclamation point or anything. After I created this mysterious link, I just changed Application to Applications. All good.

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