Apple allowing 3rd Party apps.

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New Member
Jul 31, 2007
Fort Knox, KY area
Some of you will love to hear this :)

(Source is from fox news)
NEW YORK — Apple Inc. will allow third-party applications on the iPhone, Chief Executive Steve Jobs said in a posting on its Web site Wednesday.
In a decision that marks a clear turnaround from Apple's previous desire to control the applications consumers have on their iPhones, Jobs said the company intends to release a software development kit in February that will let people outside the company to create iPhone and iPod touch applications.
"We are excited about creating a vibrant third-party developer community around the iPhone and enabling hundreds of new applications for our users," Jobs said in the posting.

Story states they will release the Source code/kit in Feb.

Whole story here :,2933,302778,00.html