Apple has released OS X 10.11.3 with fixes for "bugs and security issues"


Mar 22, 2013
Paynes Bay - Barbados
Further to my posts with respect to the foggy startups now remedied ( along with what appeared to be some Bluetooth related issues/fixes,) the latest bug fix has also remedied a glitch where in the event power is suddenly removed, ( power blackout or even inadvertent unplugging without a proper shutdown,) my iMac will now correctly require the use of the power button to restart. This was an item I'd checked in Power Management, but had not functioned correctly after the original El Capitan Upgrade ( notwithstanding the preference setting, the computer would restart when power was restored, which at least here in the Caribbean, could be quite a period of sudden 'on and off' power for quite a while ( a few minutes in the least) My personal protocol in the event of blackout is to immediately unplug the computer ( and TV, DVD, Cable box,) even though well surge protected - then only reinstate once power has been up and stable for 10 min at least. BUT if the interruption happened while we were out of the house, it could likely do damage to a computer which just ' started up'... I'm happy to report that since the bug fix, all seems to function as directed in the 'Preferences/Settings' selection.