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Discussion in 'iPhone 4S' started by rushdhih, Feb 11, 2013.

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    I downloaded apps from iTunes store for iPhone 3GS (at the time it was IOS 3.X) about 3 years ago and about a year ago (may be little more) I changed to Android phone and also had to change my laptop. Before disposing my laptop, I copied the IPA files only to a separate Hard Disk.

    Now, I moved back to iPhone 4S (IOS 6.1) and had created a new Appleid. I do vaguely remember the Apple id used on my old 3GS iPhone, but not 100% certain. I Have a few apps which I would like to reinstall to the new phone, but now when I syn with iTunes it asks for Apple id for these old apps. When I enter the old vaguely remembered Apple id or the new Apple id it does not allow me to run the apps.

    I would like to know what I need to do get it working.

    PS: Both iPhones are original factory unlocked versions and was not jail broken at any time

    Appreciate any solutions
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    This link may be of help:
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    I don't think iCloud was available on the 3GS running iOS 3.x, so you can't retrieve old apps.
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    Just redownload or rebuy the apps its easier assuming the apps are not that expensive.

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    There's no vaguely about AppleID and either no them or not....

    Sign out of iTunes(on your PC/Mac) sign back in with the old AppleID and Password, Authorize your PC/ all purchased apps from the AppStore and sync to your iPhone...... you should be able to now load all apps from both accounts onto your long as both accounts are Authorized to run on your PC/Mac...

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