Apple iPhone mail-in return question

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New Member
Jun 30, 2007
For those of you who have received an iPhone replacement from Apple (not from the Apple store, in other words those of you who sent your phone to Apple), I have the following question:

Is the replacement, which Apple sends out flawless or could it also potentially be defective. For example, does the new replacement have problems such as dead pixels, dust under screen, battery issues etc. The reason I am asking is because I am thinking about opening a repair ticket with Apple. My phone has a minor, yet somewhat annoying screen artifact problem which cannot be resolved via resets or restores. Other than that it is virtually flawless: great battery life, good reception quality, surprisingly good volume, no dead pixels or dust (at least none which i found) and the list goes on. Basically, I am worried that my replacement may end up being worse than my original, in which case I'll keep my original unit despite the minor issue. I was thinking that it could be possible that before sending out a replacement, Apple troubleshoots the replacement phone more extensively before sending it to the customer. Secondly, I was thinking if attaching a post-it note to the phone would make any difference. For instance, if I attached a post-it note on my old phone saying "please check for dust and dead pixels on my replacement model" would Apple tech actually do that and not send me a phone with any of such issues? I know this may be asking for too much, but after all, after having spent $600+ bucks on a piece of electronics one cannot help but expect the highest quality possible. Defects of any nature, be they cosmetic or hardware related, is unacceptable to me as a life-long Apple customer. So just share your experience and provide some input. Thanks!


New Member
Jul 17, 2007
Quality Control

Some kid in a warehouse will pick up a box, put a label on it and ship it. There's no special quality control. That was done in China.