Apple Retail Employee

Jul 6, 2007
Marietta, GA
It's been a while since I have posted but I thought I should share my most recent Apple experience, applying for a job at one of Apple's famous retail stores. The process is very fast but there is also a lot to do.
Each interviewee goes through about 4 interviews. I was lucky enough to skip the first round of interviews, and assuming my 2nd interview went well today (which I feel pretty confident about), then I only have one more to go before I get hired. The weird thing is that I looked up the interview process on (they have many companies/ interviews, salary, etc. as reported by current and past employees) and almost every post I read said that their first interview was a group seminar with about 25 people, and that the process from applying online to actually getting hired took about 4 weeks, sometimes even 3 months. I applied 2 weeks ago and they are trying to get me in the training session (Friday-Sunday) this weekend if they hired me. Thankfully one of my current coworkers knew someone at the store I applied at so she had them pull my application (like many of the other people I have met at my interviews) and I had an interview within a week, then my second interview 3 days later (today) and only 4 days left before the training weekend. So the process has been very very fast, but they are very picky about who they want.

Anyway, I just thought it would be cool to let you guys know that I might work for Apple soon since I used to be pretty active here.