Apple Upgrade System


Sep 10, 2011
I watched the last of the Keynote.. I caught the part about the iphone upgrade system they will be offering (I know only in the US, so I understand it will be about two years here in the UK sadly !) but I have a few questions.

  • How does it work?
  • What is the price?
  • Will you use this service?
  • Do you have to trade in old phone
  • Is it 24 month contracts
  • How do you think phone carriers will battle this ? (maybe up the price of sim only deals)
Currently my 24 month contract got me the following:

  • IPhone 6 plus 64GB
  • Unlimited calls, unlimited texts and unlimited internet (4G, however no longer allowed to use as hotspot)
  • Phone insurance (£10 extra a month) £100 excess per claim
All this including the insurance costs £64 per month.

In your thoughts do you think after I finish my current contract should I look at the apple upgrade programme when its out in UK?

Also out of interest what are your current contracts and what do you get and for how much do you pay and for how long are you bound?