Apple Watch 38mm vs 42mm in pictures

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by chris, Apr 13, 2015.

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    I went to the Apple Store today to try-on the Apple Watch. I had ordered the 38mm stainless, but wanted to see how it was sized compared to the 42mm. On top of that, I wanted to compare it to my current watch – a J.Crew Timex military watch. I left surprised at the size of both the watches. The 38mm vs 42mm comparison is quite revealing. While the larger model looks big in photos (as shown below), it's not much larger than a small/medium watch. I plan on ordering a 42mm at some point. I'm still up in the air between stainless and aluminum. Jumping up in size also means jumping in price. I was already over my set budget with the stainless 38mm. I may just go aluminum 42mm and wait for the second generation to pull out the stops. I'm still not sure. I want to see how much I use and like/love (or perish the though, dislike) the Apple Watch.

    42mm-vs-jcrew.jpg 42mm-vs-38mm.jpg
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    Man can't wait to get it.

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