Apple Watch available for reservation, purchase at local Apple Stores

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by jareknyc, Jun 17, 2015.

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    Hey guys you can pick up your watch in the store just did it...not all models but it's appointment only!!

    Meant to say watches in the store !! :)
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  2. chris

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    Yes. You can visit the Apple Store online, pick a model and make a reservation. They'll tell you if the model you selected is available at the store and the next available appointment. I checked a 38mm Apple Watch Sport and it was available with a 2:00 appointment. That was earlier today, probably 1:30 or so. Turnaround appears quick.

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  3. Ledsteplin

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    Yep, folks are cancelling orders and going to stores. Good news!
  4. Europa

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    I looked at the Apple watches they had on display at the Apple Store in Caesars Palace yesterday. They had about ten that you could test out and play with, though you couldn't try those ones on because they were secured to a block that you could pick up. They also had about fifty under glass in demo mode. This included eight gold Apple Edition models. I was surprised they had so many gold ones on display. You could try the watches on by appointment. They didn't have any availble for purchase in the store.
  5. Hype-149

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    I had a Space Grey Sport Watch 42MM on order with a shipping date of June 30-July 8th from that I placed on June 14th.

    I went online this morning at 8am and found the very same watch at Guildford Town Centre Apple Store in Surrey, BC, reserved it and went and picked it up after work. The Apple store guy said I got the only Space Grey watch they had gotten in so far. They had plenty of any other colour in stock of the sports watch. Not much on in the Space Grey 42MM Sports Watch in terms of inventory of the Space Grey 42MM Sports Watch in Canada today. Only had 2 stores showing stock.

    I cancelled my order as soon as I paid for the watch.

    So far so good. Just getting used to wearing a watch again on a daily basis.
  6. bballrob

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    I walked in to the Apple Store in Anchorage, Alaska on Saturday, June 20. I had heard about them starting to sell watches in store, but hadn't heard when, and I thought it may not be until next week. I was wrong. They had started sometime earlier last week. Anyhow, I told them what I wanted, which was the 42 mm Space Grey with Black band. They said that was the ONLY sport model they were out of. So, instead I purchased the 42 mm Sport Silver watch with White Band, and added a black band. Yeah, it cost me an additional $49, but I have one.

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