Apple Watch Pulse Oximetry functionality capable of measuring blood oxygen saturation is turned off


Feb 2, 2008
Detroit, MI
After researching AW apps all day, I came across an interesting article on the iMedicalApps website. The article titled "How Apple Watch's ability to measure blood oxygen saturation can be used in medicine" explains how the iFixit company tore down the AW and found a pulse oximetry inside the watch with the functionality turned off.

The article hinted that some are speculating that Apple is awaiting FDA approval. The pulse oximetry is know in the medical field for measuring blood oxygen saturation with the use of some form of sensor attach to a finger, earlobe, or forehead. If used for medical purposes, the sensor could be used to help with Sleep Apnea, COPD, and congestive heart failure. I found this to be very interesting and I look forward to more ways to use my AW.