Apple Watch Series 3

Jun 19, 2007
Upper Marlboro, MD
I am still waiting for my watch . My dad got sick and I was on an airplane to germany for pre order. i decided to actually size up and get the 42mm this time round. I am looking for new watchbands too. It's a little harder to find more feminin bands for the 42mm watch.
I decided for LTE. I did not know it works over numbersync @Europa ? So do you still get a separate number for the watch and then you use the sync option?
I know that Mindi's number didn't change. It took a while for it to start working, though.


Apr 4, 2011
Somewhere between DC and Baltimore.
Ok I remember now. I did do this for my Google watch. I use a data sim only from project fi and number synced my iPhone for calls.
So my watch was connected to my pixel phone and received calls from my iPhone. I got confused because when I used the At&T's sim for the watch I got a number and it was a disaster. I got spam calls every 10 min and no way to turn it off (I could have reported each individual spam number through AT&T). I also paid the $10 a month.
Now I pay only data used with a data sim from project fi.
Number sync works on all apple watches, iPods and iPads.


May 14, 2007
Fairborn, Ohio
Question for you early adopters and previous iwatch owners. I don't need the phone capability and am interested primarily in the activity logging capability of the watch, hiking, walking pilates, not swimming and strength training. Please keep in mind I am 72 years old so I do all this to drink wine, scotch, eat pasta, chocolate and ice cream. With that in mind would you recommend the series 1 or 3. Europa and Hondamaker you have always given good advice in the past, thank you.
Series 1 is very similar to series 3, but the 3 is so much faster that I would definitely recommend it for most activities you mentioned.


Oct 11, 2009
As a lifelong watch aficionado, the kid in me is loving the fact that I finally have a Dick Tracy watch.
The day after the event announcing the changes, I was at the local radio station picked to up some prizes. I was talking with the receptionist about them and she was discussing how excited her son was for the changes. One of the DJs was sitting on the couch, and when he realized you could make phone calls on the watch without a phone, he piped up and said, “You mean you can go full Dick Tracy with it??”