Apple with misplaced priorities in regards to cash only/2 limit iPhone purchases?


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Aug 15, 2007
It's pretty obvious that Apple is developing some kind of system by which they want to "record" and create a database of everyone purchasing iPhones (hence the credit card purchase requirement) so that they can try and determine who might be buying them in bulk and possibly reselling them. I understand that they are trying to protect and honor their agreement with AT&T, and though I may not necessarily agree with Apple's methods, I don't disagree with them trying to honor a contract.

However, here is where I think Apple's priorities and timing is misplaced. AT&T or any partner of Apple didn't make Apple the success story that they are today, but we the consumers did. About a couple of months ago, there was a story on TV (Dateline NBC I believe), "How to catch an I-thief" where they explained how Apple had no system by which to help rightful owners of ipods (and iPhones as well) find their stolen or lost devices, even though Apple obviously requires the device to be registered with an iTunes account on the finder's (or thief's) computer. I found it incredulous that even though Apple would record the ipod serial numbers and could EASILY trace a stolen or lost ipod to the new finder's or thief's computer, they simply refused to do so, and I believe they cited "privacy concerns". The freaking device is stolen and yet they are protecting the privacy of the thief? Then the story went on to say that certain crimes were directly attributed to the ipod, in fact people were killed for their ipods in robberies and etc. and when the police would contact Apple for assistance on finding a stolen ipod, Apple would offer no help.

Yet here we are, and Apple has decided to create a database of who is purchasing more than 2 iPhones.............potentially to perhaps stop those individuals from reselling them unlocked at some future point in time. And Apple will not develop a system by which to minimize crimes or help us the consumers get our rightfully purchased devices back. For goodness sakes, the crime aspect alone should be reason enough for Apple to be a good corporate citizen. Thiefs would quickly realize that if the police were to track their asses down with Apple's help, then there would be no reason to steal and perhaps kill others for these devices. I am sure these types of crimes would drop dramatically.

Apple, why not help us the consumers first by implementing a system in which we can retrieve lost or stolen devices, then help out your partners............

Apple, what's the story?