Applecare + and Verizon Question

Oct 6, 2011
I have asked the question in so many places and google searched about a million times, so excuse me if this is a repeat.

I was not given the opportunity to add Applecare + to my order on the Verizon site at time of purchase. Initially I was told that it was a Verizon thing and not available to me, then I was told it was a Verizon website thing that Apple did not clue them in to add to the purchase. Now I was told that I can take my phone with the receipt to an Apple store after the 14th but before 30 days and purchase the Applecare + option. Has anyone heard anything regarding this. I have read in multiple forums that it can be bought after release from an Apple store if you were not given the option during preorder.



Aug 3, 2008
I got an email from Apple a couple days ago stating that they noticed I did not have the option to purchase AC+ at time of checkout and gave me the option to purchase it. I bought my phone through the Apple Store App
Aug 11, 2007
I got the same email that FuelieNova did. I use American Express to buy my phone and they double the warranty, but to an additional year, so I get 1 year from Apple and a 2nd year from Amex. What you don't get is the on phone support beyond the 90 days if you don't go with Applecare, but I think we get alog of support here instead. There are many smart posters here.

BTW, I tested this recently. I have a 3Gs that I am finally undating. Back in May when Apple pushed out the latest iOS update to get rid of privacy tracking and syncing, my wifi/bluetooth antenna range went down to minimal and my GPS took forever to lock in and many times that wasn't correct. Apple told me it is a hardware issue, but I told them it worked perfectly until the update. They said the new software sends a certain signal to the antenna and looks for a specific response and it was getting it but it wouldn't lock in. Anyway, I contacted Amex. Then had me get a repair estimate from Apple (as if I would repair it) which ended up being a replacement cost of $199 + tax. I faxed that along with my original iPHone purchase receipt and a copy of the warranty coverage in the book that comes with the iPhone and Amex credited my card for the $199 + tax in a day. Since I get a new phone at least every 2 years or less, this works great for me.
Oct 6, 2011
OK, so after searching the forums and calling 2 local Apple stores I am all set. Once I have the phone I/we have 14 days to head to you local store with phone and receipt and purchase the care plus for $99.

Now I just need the phone :)