AppleMobileBackup.exe error when backing up


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Jan 1, 2009
When attempting to backup my iPhone I always get 'AppleMobileBackup.exe encountered a problem and had to close'. I have tried the following:
1. renaming backup folder
2. uninstalling and reinstalling iTunes and related programs/files
3. creating a new user account

Nothing works! I was able to backup my iPhone on an old laptop with an older version of XP so I guess the problem is with my main computer. I'm looking at having to reinstall Windows XP and rebuild my machine. Any comments appreciated.


Sep 2, 2007
Austin, Tx
I've not come across that error, so take this with grains o' salt - but a general swiss army knife sort of tactic for miscellaneous Windows problems is to make sure you kill of temp files. In this case, there might be one that is linked to a corrupt backup or similar.

I could explain how to do this in XP, but my explanation may not be the clearest - maybe best to Google 'delete .tmp files in XP' and get yourself an MS Technet post to work from - or if you already know how to clear out temp files (not temp. internet files), then give that a try ...