Apple's policy change on out of warranty iPhones

Jerome G

Jul 12, 2010
this almost sounds like they are trying to get you to pay for being able to use the genius bar.. i know it doesn't exactly say that but it sounds fishy..

i guess me getting Applecare+ all depends on how much exactly my total will be on iDay
Well, the cheapest way to go is get AppleCare off eBay, just prior to your 1 year warranty expiration if you can remember.
They are usually less expensive on eBay, and you don't have to get it on day 1 since there is a 1 year warranty.
They make it seem like it is a 2 year warranty, but it is obviously only a 1 year with some perks.
I guess there may be special circumstances, such as the free shipping as described, but if it is not too much of a hassle to get to the store, then the above procedure would be the way to go.


Jul 16, 2007
Like Chris said, he wasn't owed it and the new policy is certainly not "unfair."

However, I wish they would tighten up the policy for devices that are under warranty. It is kind of sickening to hear of someone opening and instantly returning 8 new iPads to get one that is "perfect" in their eyes.

Then there are those that deliberately damage a device after they themselves caused a minor cosmetic blemish. They even brag about getting "a refresh" every few months and almost certainly before selling it.

All of that is being paid for by those of us who do not abuse Apple's practically no-questions-asked replacement policy (in-warranty).

I sometimes wish Apple had a tracking mechanism that would penalize those who return often, and perhaps reward those who do not. Oh well. One can dream....



New Member
Oct 6, 2010
My finacee had the same problem. Her 3GS just died and didn't want a replacement and new contract because of the new iPhone coming out this year. The genius bar stated the same thing, so we went another route. I still have my old 3G and I gave her my iPhone4 and I reactived my 3G for me. It took the genius bar a few hours to iron everything out and now when the iPhone 5 comes out we will both get them plus a new contract. I love the genius bar here in DC, they really do what they can without breaking the rules.