Application Issue on 3G Phone


Jun 30, 2007
Hey Guys and Gals...,

I just picked up my New 3G today. They ran out at my local AT&T store so I had to the direct fulfillment. Anyway..., that doesn't really matter. here is my issue.

My old iPhone was on 2.0 software version... I had downloaded about 14 Apps. Everything worked fine.

Picked up the new phone today. They activated in store. I took it home and sync'd with iTunes. All appeared well. Contacts, Email, everything is working flawless with the exception of the Apps. Everyone starts up, then closes right back out. Everything else on the phone works flawless.

I have rebooted, I did a Hard Shutdown. I have done everything I can think of except restore. Because the intial transfer from iTunes took so long to begin with and I had to go back to work. I just hate to do it.

Any Suggestions...? Can the Apps be taken off, then re-sync'd? I'm going on vacation Saturday so I hate for none of them to work.

I did a search and found a few other threads with people that had some of the same symptoms. But not one said what they did to fix it.