As successful? [POLL]

How successful will the iPhone 3G be?

  • The iPhone 3G will be more successful than the iPhone.

    Votes: 46 55.4%
  • The iPhone 3G will be as successful as the iPhone.

    Votes: 23 27.7%
  • The iPhone 3G will be less successful than the iPhone.

    Votes: 14 16.9%

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May 6, 2007
United States
definitely the more successful because of the price
everyone i have talked to said they wont get it because of its 600 wait 400 dollar price tag

now for 200 its the same price as a normal phone
Good point, but keep in mind that there are people who still want a "free" phone. There are many deals at wireless carriers that involve getting a phone at no cost after signing a two-year contract.


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Jan 18, 2008
I think, as a general rule, the market segment that only gets the free phone from carriers isn't really the type of customer the iPhone caters to anyways. I mean, how many people looking for the free phones are willing to add $30 per line---per month, for unlimited internet and email? Again, we are compairing Apples to Oranges. The iPhone is going to compete (and win) against most of the other smartphones out there; certainly at AT&T.

I really hate to hear people belly-ache about the TCO, when you are locked into a 2-year contract with any subsidized phone you buy. $199 is a great deal, and sales will reflect that.


Sep 16, 2007
That is interesting yet predictable. I wouldn't be surprised if, by July of 2010, the iPhone is the most used phone in businesss. Apple will keep doing their best to appeal to the businesss world, and it appears that they are doing more than most companies.
How are they doing more than most companies? Because after a year of pretending to be a smart phone, they decided to offer exchange support which any serious smart phone offers anyway?

Just because Apple is making improvements doesn't mean they're doing better than the guys who got it right the first time.


Oct 5, 2007
Phoenix, Arizona
.....What's kind of weird is that my company is still considering whether or not it will allow the iPhone to access its Exchange server. What's to consider? They need to do it........
With the new 3G phone they wont have to open the security on the exchange server. I read that the syncronization to the exchange server will be through an activesync model. This connects to your webmail server and pulls the data directly from your site without the need to have imap or any similar security risks in place.
We use this method with our Sprint PDA's and it works great. My company is just like yours and refuses to activate that feature for "security reasons" so they found alternate ways to do it and using activesync through the webmail server works almost as good. The main difference is you have to sync to update your mail, calendar, notes, etc.. instead of it being automatically pushed to the phone.


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Jun 25, 2007
I agree the price point, will be the driver, app store will be riding shot gun and enterprise will be in the back.