AT&T Insurance on iPhone

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New Member
Aug 22, 2007
I know this topic has probably been covered before, but I'm getting mixed information.

A couple weeks ago I called AT&T and asked to have the insurance added to my iPhone. They told me it would be like $5/month and it would start immediately.

I told my buddy and a couple days later he called in and they told him that the iPhone cannot be insured. He told them that I had called in and got the insurance and the rep said that whoever helped me made a mistake.

So now I'm wondering if I'm paying $5/month for nothing or are they obligated to cover my phone now?

Any ideas? I'm afraid to call in and ask about it because they may try to "fix the mistake".


New Member
Jul 4, 2007
i would call and clear it up. say something happened where you needed to use the supposed inurance they are covering your phone with. if it was really a mistake, you are going to have to argue with them anyways, right. so maybe just call now and see what happens, get it out of the way so you don't have to think about it. worst case scenario, you don't really have coverage and get an apology and credit towards your next bill!