AT&T loses its exclusivity


Jul 6, 2007
wth, people, he's just trying to post something he obviously JUST found out about. Not everyone on this planet has access to free press - or even unrestricted internet access. For those of you suggesting otherwise, you are the ones who need to do some google searches. Most strict Muslim countries, a large geographic portion of China, and N. Korea specifically limit access to unfilter information. Cut the OP some slack. It's not like he just announced the end of WWII.

Darn, what am I going to do with my 2-year contract with AT&T?
The future release of this SIM-unlocker provides new options in the iPhone Settings, which let you chose the best network in the zone or country you are by just putting in the phone the SIM of the network you've chosen.

For example, you've an AT&T account, but you travel and flight a lot, all you do is bring with you all the SIM of the networks you know are the best abroad, verify'em with the iPhone and change the SIM.

This Network Selection let the iPhone customers be totally free