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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by PicMeUp, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. PicMeUp

    PicMeUp Member

    Anyone know how much it is? Can it be completed just using a handset? How do you retrieve the items in transfer? Should this go in the "App" forum? No clue. Help!
  2. Rafagon

    Rafagon Genius

    Are you trying to transfer data from an iPhone to another iPhone? If so, this app should be completely unnecessary.

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  4. PicMeUp

    PicMeUp Member

    I wish to transfer contacts, pictures & videos in the event I get a replacement handset.
  5. Rafagon

    Rafagon Genius

    In that case, go with iCloud. Go to Settings > iCloud, and follow the setup prompts. This will take care of your contacts. Then, go to Settings > Storage and Backup, and set those options to your liking. Note that if the total used storage on your phone exceeds your available iCloud storage, you will not be able to fit everything into iCloud. If this is the case, you can backup to your computer using iTunes (available for Mac and PC), or purchase more storage at iCloud if you prefer the cloud method.

    Once you get a replacement handset, you will set it up from the backup you made, either on your computer or on the cloud.

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  6. PicMeUp

    PicMeUp Member

    Don't have access to a PC/Mac. Unable to contact AT&T support because I'm not the account holder(even though I don't want account info.). Just have access to an iPhone, oh well, thanks anyway.
  7. RoofMonkey

    RoofMonkey Genius

    iCloud will work from a phone.
  8. PicMeUp

    PicMeUp Member

    RoofMonkey, what is the path for locating/finding/using iCloud on a 3GS? Version 4.2.1.
  9. PicMeUp

    PicMeUp Member

    AT&T Mobile Transfer is free to existing customers! Yay!! :cool:

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