AT & T phone services

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New Member
Aug 8, 2007
Hi, Does anyone having problem with your iPhone with AT & T phone line dropping or not connected? When I tried to call someone or my friend from ny iPhone with AT & T lines and its end called right away and not go through? AT & T service line dropping like carzy and it is bugged the heck out of that I can not call anyone. AT & T phone service is pretty bad. I call AT & T and told them the problem and they said it depend on the area of roaming may not connected but I told them that I tried to call no matter where I go and it keep dropping. What should I do? AT & T people can not helped me. This is really bad. If I would know AT & T lines so bad like this I would not go with them but I got stuck with iPhone and they go with AT & T. Any help from any expert out there could give me some point? Thanks. :)


New Member
Jul 26, 2007
It will get better in a few years at the rate they are installing new cell towers.

After a few months you'll learn where it will or not work and adjust accordingly.

PS I'm being serious.:cool: