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Dec 8, 2008
My wife and I purchased iPhones 12-08-08. We purchased the 1200 minutes shared plan. As of today I have cancelled all my AT&T accounts. In just over 6 weeks of owning the iPhones we have been billed in access of &650.00. I have talked to three customer service reps and one manager and cannot get a straight answer. The plan we chose should have a maximum monthly billing of $180.00. Be very careful with your plan choice and watch your monthly statement. Just our opinion but we DO NOT believe the iPhone is worth the money we paid for it. (Problem is you really won't no until you buy one and try it out for yourself). Look at the features in the plans and you can surely do better elsewhere. Account Closed.


Aug 2, 2007
which phones did you both get? 16GB? That's 300 a piece, so 600.
And you said 1200 shared. They apparently don't offer that anymore. it's 1400 for 89.99 then 2100 for 109.99.
then data for each at 30 a pop, total 60.
And what I am guessing is that no one said anything about text messaging when you signed up, since it wasn't mentioned, and it's the one thing that would raise your bill quickly if you went over (and not having any to begin with means automatically over) 200 messages at .10 a pop is 20 bucks, but I think they charge more now a days.
$600 (+tax)
89. for approximate plan minutes
60. manditory data plan for each iPhone.
? text Plan? even if each of you did 200, it's 10 cents a message, so a total of 40.

Assuming you paid for your phones at the store, then it's just adding up the rest. $189.00
If your first bill was over 650, then it's obvious that someone listed the wrong thing on your account. That's a huge screw up on their part.

I've been with AT&T since Bellsouth merged with Cingular. And I remained with them when they because Cingular and still with them now that it's back to AT&T. I can count on one hand the amout of problems I have had in the past 12+ years with AT&T's billing, and I have never been at a place where I was supposed to bend over and take it. Sorry that you had such a horrible experience.