Audiobook problems....

I've searched all over the place and about Googled myself into a stupor! :laugh2:

Does anyone have any magic answer on how to join M4B files into one? I converted all of my MP3 audiobooks into M4B so they would show up as audiobooks.

Now, I find out that on a Classic, audio books are pretty much just thrown in there all out of whack. People suggest joining all the files as one big file, so you can keep better track of it.

Also suggested was a playlist, but I haven't messed with that yet.


Sep 16, 2007
Hi Woof-

Not sure if you have gotten any help after all this time; but I just happened to come across this post today- if you've already been helped, maybe someone else will find it useful.

This is the method I have been using until I was done converting my collection- then switched to

To join .m4b extensions- first change the extension to .m4a

Next use a program called YAMB. With this program, you can now merge your audiobooks; so instead of having multiple parts- this will merge that particular audiobook into one file.

Next- after the merge is completed, rename the extension .m4a back to .m4b (so that they'll appear in the AUDIOBOOK section of your iPhone/Pod/Touch.

Next, you may want to use a program like Markable which will add bookmarks to your story- without the bookmarks, you have one long story that doesn't know its place when you stop and want to come back to it.

All of this was done on Windows; I have no idea what programs will do this on a Mac.