Auxo - New Update


Apr 11, 2008
New update pushed this evening includes:

New Do Not Disturb Toggle
New Auto-Lock Toggle Shortcut Toggle
Tap and hold on flashlight for user-defined strobe effect of iPhone's flash
Added Restart/Power Off/Safe Mode options to the Respring Toggle.

Fixes - Audio Playback crashes
LiveClock compatibility
Bluetooth Pairing bug
Improved Slider Knob hit-points
Addressed various small crashes
Improved Speed and Memory Performance

The initial launch of Auxo wasn't great, the tweak worked but it was buggy. The devs seemed to have corrected the problems!

This tweak now runs quite smoothly on my iPhone 5. Enjoy :)
It causes a Safe Mode reboot every time I install this update. :( My phone returns to normal when it is uninstalled. Restoring from PkgBackup doesn't help because I think it just downloads the current version again from cydia. So for now I'm without Auxo, one of my favorite tweaks.

[edit] It may have been a memory issue. I purged all apps and installed crash reporter. It then installed fine. Hhmmm