Availability in the UK?

Apr 29, 2007
Any ideas on the likely carrier for the UK/European Market and possible UK release date for the iPhone?

Also is the iPhone likely to come with in car holder/charger for hands-free use whilst driving ? We Brits like to chat whilst we drive.


Feb 25, 2007
Maybe later in the year for the UK were still not sure what the deal is with Us plans and such so another release date is out of the question.
Jun 14, 2007
it will be later in the year or maybe next year depending on how the market in the united states does and if it does good they can increase manufacturing and get the iPhones there quicker.
Apr 29, 2007
UK Carrier

There is much speculation here as to who the carrier will be for UK/European Market. Orange and T-Mobile have been ruled out for a variety of reasons namely software branding issues with Orange and appalling service from T Mobile.
If 3 managed to get their teeth into the iPhone it would also be a coup of huge proportions but 3 is probably the worst UK/European carrier ever that I think Apple would be off their minds to jump in with them. BT/O2 are in the mood to build strategic partners as is Vodafone.
Many of the UK carriers are offering huge discounts and lock in deals at the moment; the market is truly mature and the iPhone may be just the stimulus needed to get things moving again.
O2 and Vodafone are my bets at the moment.

There also an increasing appetite for Apple products in Europe following the ipod. I'm seriously looking at updating to a Mac. Windows and MS Office have just about gone as far as they need to go. Vista is pretty but power sapping.
The iPhone could be the wedge Apple needs to open the crack in Windows community that will allow the Mac et al to flood in and fill the void.

Any opinion?