Average Activation Time in the Southeast?


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Jun 26, 2007
FINALLY after 47 hours, i'm activated. - my problem: did not enter a pre-approved credit code first two tries, went back to store, got the code and was activated within a couple of hours.

Definatly worth all the waiting.

Simon Templar

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Jun 30, 2007
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With only a bare handful of minutes short of entering the 47th hour.....I received the much-awaited 'you've been activated' email. Then....I received the exact same email again some 4 hours later. You figure it out.

Haven't had much chance to play with it as yet, though.....still in mid sync-cycle.

46 hours, 53 minutes.
Existing AT&T (nee' Cingular) customer.
Made no phone calls to CS during the wait...let it progress naturally on its' own.
Did not attempt to remove or replace OEM SIM card.

Bloody time!



Jun 29, 2007
continuing saga

no its far from over

thankfully got activated mid afternoon yesterday as noted above and had delightful afternoon early evening setting it up/learning

then the nightmares returned

I started getting you've been activated emails -- maybe a total of 5 or 6 saying a variety of things -- now recall i'm one who tried the go get a new SIM card method so we worried about ahving two activation attempts running.

Then I get email saying there is a problem with activation, plaease call the now memorized 3701 number.

now understand that iPhone is working like a champ now

2-3 more hrs on line and no resolution....... briefly it is more headaches involving porting my number over from my former carrier Alltel. the super helpful Canada lady had given me one new ATT number but when we tried it it was a LD from here not a local number, so she gave me another new number which worked fine BUT BUT that first wrong LD number got hard wired into my phone as officaial number and in their records DESPITE the fact it does not work now and the other one is active and working.

The ATT fool on the phone could not comprehend this andafter hour + said i ahd to talk to customer care . He also said the porting could not go forward and there was a problem with that. he for the FIRST ttime said i had to notify Alltel I was porting adn leaving them. Although not a bad idea every other ATT person i asked said that it wa snot necessary that the porting would occur auttomatically. More contradiction.

SO I call ATT Customer line---- nothing -- they're done and closed for the day

Call the Alltel porting line he gave me and it was a wrong number.

SO more "fun" on the phone scehduled for today.

Still not ported but iPhone still working this morning, thankfully


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Jul 1, 2007
I found this forum, don't know how, but thank goodness because we called the 877 800 3701 # listed in this thread and the woman activated our phone right then and there. We had been waiting 40 hours!

So, thank you so much for posting about this!
I called 877 800 3701 and within 10 min they activated my phone. The guy said they werent told how to do activations over the phone until sunday.


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Jul 6, 2007
Activated Today!

My Apple phone arrived yesterday...............via FED Express.........The activation process only took 30 minutes.:laugh2: