Background on Home Screen


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Jul 17, 2007
lol damn guys give the guy a break...he is still working on sure thats why he hasn't posted any tutorials for anyone because its not don't yet although more heads are better then one;)

Like i said, i wasn't saying it was, but it you gotta admit it does kinda look like, im sure the guy who did do it, would probably agree. And if i could help the guy i would, a few of us on another board are working on it as well, i don't care who figures it out just as long as one of us do :cool:


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Jul 15, 2007
It's cool that you did it, but I think it looks stupid personally, especially the way that the black it still around all of the text.
The guy has a red case on his iPhone...I don't think aesthetics is high on his priorities list. That being said, it's still pretty cool that people are able to mess around with the operating system like this. Keep up the good work :)