Backing up 3rd Party Applications


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Sep 5, 2008
Hi all. I tried posting this as a reply to a different thread and didn't get any responses, so I thought I'd try a new thread.

I just recently went through an ordeal with Apple trying to fix my ipod touch. frequently, when it tries to sync, it'll just crash and do a complete restore from the backup files on iTunes. However, I came to the depression realization that the backup doesn't include the data for the thrid party applications I have downloaded. in one case, I inputed over 600 flashcards that all disappeared in the blink of an eye. I called Apple only to have them tell me in no uncertain terms that support for retrieving third party software data is not provided by them. even though it's iTunes that is continually crashing, they basically told me that I was screwed.

So having learned from my lesson, I want to find a way to backup the data from my third party applications. I have windows, so I can't use time machine. Is there any way to do this?
Thanks for any insight you can provide.


Jul 19, 2007
This is what you do (if you are jailbroken) First install Appbackup, back up the game with it, SSH to your phone and save the saved file to your PC. Next time you restore, install Appbackup, open the game, save the game with Appbackup, SHH to your phone and replace the saved file with the one you originally saved to your PC. I did it with Monkeyball and it worked great!