Backup problems in iOS 8

Discussion in 'iOS 8' started by Docd, Sep 18, 2014.

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    Before I upgraded to iOS 8 I needed 23.6 gb to backup my iPad and iPhone now after upgrade I need a additional 17 gb of iCloud storage space. Anyone know what's changed in the backup to cause this.

    If I upgrade to the next storage plan of 200 gb is there a way to share this storage space with family members?

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    so I really have a problem after all attempts OTA failed I decided to try the computer.
    the iPad will not charge of the USB but my power runs out after hours
    YES I had it connected since this morning .
    I tried since yesterday and after a few hours it keeps failing
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    You can add a lot of space by deleting a lot of media and apps. You can store photos and videos in Box and Dropbox, then delete them from the camera roll. Delete songs. You can install them back later. Delete apps. You can install them back later. Any songs or apps you may have paid for will be free to download again. Along with Box and Dropbox, you can also use OneDrive to store photos. Those 3 apps will give you 30 gb of free storage for files and documents.
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    I don't think upgrading iCloud storage plan is the best way to solve the backup problem in iOS 8. I am using 5 GB free storage now, and i don't plan to upgrade my storage plan. Because i can get some ways to manage my iCloud storage space better, here they are:

    1. Delete old and unwanted backups

    Tap on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch: Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup > Manage Storage > Delete old or unwanted backups.

    2. Turn off unnecessary backup option

    Tap on iDevcies: Settings > iCloud > Select the unnecessary backup options to turn off.

    3. Deleted unused personal data and documents

    Tap on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch: Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup > Manage Storage > Pick up option to delete > Click Edit > Tap on red circle to delete it.

    4. Back up contents to computer instead of iCloud

    Some iOS contents transfer tools like AnyTrans allow you to selectively back up many contents from iDevices to computer, such as, Photos, Videos, Music, Contacts, Notes, iBooks, Apps, Safari Bookmarks and History, Podcasts, Messages, Calendar, etc. Except backing up iPhone/iPad/iPod touch contents to computer, they also feature you to transfer contents from computer to iDevices, or from iDevices to iTunes.

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