Bad Piggies?

Discussion in 'iPad Apps and Games' started by Skb2000, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. Skb2000

    Skb2000 Zealot

    Anyone download and try it yet?
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  2. zunex

    zunex New Member

    I've purchased it yesterday, and frankly I don't think I like it at all. Despite excellent graphics, I think the game has lost the addictive that its predecessors Angry Birds series had.
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  3. Avatar

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  4. theorioles33

    theorioles33 Evangelist

    I agree. Its different and fun but I don't see the addictiveness. Worth the 99 cents though.
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  5. Skb2000

    Skb2000 Zealot

    Thanks... I think I will wait. I am not bored yet.
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  6. igossips

    igossips New Member

    I have played bad piggies and trust me I really very disappointed with this game really very boring game.
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  7. Hinezy

    Hinezy Contributor

    I'm loving bad piggies, I feel it doesn't get as old as quick as angry birds as the vehicles you build continue to become more and more in depth.

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  8. I love iPhone mobile :)
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  9. lemoon

    lemoon Member

    my friend got it, and same here, the Bad piggies is not so addictive as angry birds, I think I would wait, as I also got some free yet nice games like iswinging on my iPad.
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  10. green_onion

    green_onion New Member

    And from my point of view Bad Piggies is more interesting than Angry Birds... At least it makes your brain work a little bit ;)
  11. Fromand

    Fromand New Member

    but it lost the kiddie game factor =[
  12. Laiz

    Laiz New Member

    I haven't play series Angry Birds since Angry Birds Space :)
    It's not addictive anymore, at least at my point :)
  13. 73W

    73W Member

    I didn't like it! :( It felt like a weird mix of Angry Birds and Amazing Alex!
  14. Spawser

    Spawser New Member

    I have played this game on my PC. It was kind of hard to push all the buttons with mouse, but still I have passed the game.
    It is quite interesting, but It's not the same as Angry Birds. This game is more logical. The first levels is interesting and easy, but the last one is more difficult, so I wanted to finish this up and to forget about the game.

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