Battery compared to 6s?

Discussion in 'iPhone 7' started by TDHawks, Oct 19, 2016.

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    Sorry if I missed this thread - For those who have upgraded to the 7 from the 6s, can you comment on the battery life. Any better, worse, same?

    I am getting annoyed that the battery keeps dying at 20% everyday for no reason and I can upgrade so I'm thinking I may just go ahead and do it anyways. I'd like to opt for the Plus due to the larger bigger, but it sounds like I will be waiting a while until they are in stock. So the 7 it probably is.

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    If battery life is an important criterion for you and the Plus isn't too big for you, I recommend going with the Plus. Apple claims that battery life is improved on the 7, but I haven't noticed any improvement over last year's phone. The Plus models have significantly better battery life than the smaller sizes.

    That said, it sounds like there is a problem with your 6s. It is not normal for the battery to repeatedly die at 20%. I would do a restore to factory settings and have a diagnostic battery test done at an Apple Store.
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