Battery in iOS 7.0.4

Discussion in 'iPad mini' started by lancer_325, Dec 6, 2013.

  1. lancer_325

    lancer_325 Member

    Anybody else having battery drain issues since updating to 7.0.4? I'm down to 20% after only 7 hours 45 mins as opposed to my usual 10+ before. My usage has not changed much since the update so it's not a new app or overuse. Of course apple will refuse to address this as per every other battery drain issue. I'm deciding whether to ditch apple completely from now on because of this shoddy attitude to their software making the device suck juice. Any other views?
  2. Ledsteplin

    Ledsteplin Genius

    My iPhone 5 is about the same on iOS 7.0.4 as any other 7.0.x or iOS 6.1.3. I get about 9 1/2 hours per full charge. Average.

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  4. MoneyMaker79

    MoneyMaker79 Evangelist

    I am not even on iOS 7 yet. I am on iOS 6.1.2 and my battery is horrible. I feel like I have to calibrate it now every day!
  5. Europa

    Europa Moderator

    Mine seems the same. I would restore to factory settings before considering something as drastic as switching phones.
  6. flatbacks21

    flatbacks21 Member

    I am on iOS 7.0.4 and my i5 has shown significant battery drain as opposed to 7.0.3... I too am disappointed b/c while I'm at work for 8 hours, phone is on but not in use and after I take the phone off the charger at 5am, and leave work at 3:30pm, phone is well under 50% with no use, just on stand by.. When running ios 6, I would be at or around 80% after the same time period.. Dunno what to think, love my i5 but hate the battery now..

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  7. Europa

    Europa Moderator

    Sounds like a poor cellular connection is zapping the battery while you're at work. How is your signal strength there? Have you tried resetting your network settings or restoring?
  8. flatbacks21

    flatbacks21 Member

    I have turned off network and just used wifi.. Still issues

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  9. Europa

    Europa Moderator

    Sounds like it needs to be restored.
  10. flatbacks21

    flatbacks21 Member

    Did that about a week ago.. Might have to find an apple store to see what's up

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  11. dmoskaluk

    dmoskaluk Member

    My mini has always been a bit weak in battery life when compared with my wife's iPad 2 . Both are basically configured the same way in whatever settings could pertain to battery use. This has been the case in both iOS 6 as well as iOS 7 .... I attributed it to the fully size iPad simply having a bigger battery (??)

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  12. radtechy

    radtechy Contributor

    I have 50% left with 10 hours of use and 2 days standby on my ipad mini retina using 7.0.4

    I leave wifi on and Bluetooth all the time cause I stream a lot of music with Sirius XM to my LG tone BT headphones.

    I never bothered to update to 7.0.4 on my 5S cause I'm satisfied with it on 7.0.3

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  13. dmoskaluk

    dmoskaluk Member

    It sounds like your mini-retina does quite a bit better than my 'original' mini. It's certainly adequate for what I do, as I am normally at home and can connect it. But a 6 hr flight on which I did nothing other than read my book on Kindle will usually take it from 90 ish % to maybe 25 or 30 % ..... David
  14. radtechy

    radtechy Contributor


    Do you have apple care that should warrant a replacement if the depletion is that severe

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  15. dmoskaluk

    dmoskaluk Member

    No I don't, and living in the Caribbean , support can be sketchy. It was purchased in San Francisco at the Apple Store on release day a year and a bit ago ( Nov 2012 ) The performance on the device itself is great, but battery wise I'd call yours 'better than average' and mine 'worse'. You battery stats look more like my wife' full size iPad (2) ..... I always figured that hers was simply better because of a bigger battery.... Now I wonder !! David

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