Battery Issues - Can't Figure it Out

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New Member
Oct 19, 2007
I've had my phone about 10 days and have had real battery issues.

I charged my phone a full 8 hours yesterday and it has been about 32 hours since a full charge. I have talked on the phone maybe 30 minutes, checked email a few times and sent a few text messages. Listened to no music. My screen is dim and wifi is off.

My battery is now at 20%, and the system says I have almost 5 hours of usage since last charge. I can't figure out where all the "usage" is coming from - do things get stuck running in the background? If i'm in email do i have to leave the email program rather than just letting it sleep?

The only thing i could think of was that it was checking for email every 15 minutes - but when I go into my settings to make checking for email manual, the option isn't even there (even though a friend who has the same exact phone and software version has this option under his email settings).

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.


New Member
Jul 31, 2007
Fort Knox, KY area
I'd say it checking your e-mail every 15 min is killing it... You may have also noticed your missing calls where people are saying they just get voicemail when trying to call you. Because the iPhone cannot do data and receive a call at the same time.
another thing you may want to do is try doing a hard reset ( hold the home button and the button on top of the phone until you see the Apple symbol pop up, then once it comes back up go back in and see if you have that setting again. But it should be there no matter what version it is.


New Member
Jul 1, 2007
That's it. I'm making a "Steps to fix a problem before you make a post" signature.

Look below for it! If these don't work then return the phone.