Battery Life on iPad Air


Nov 9, 2008
Calgary, AB
Photo 11-9-2013, 5 45 18 PM.png

(Screenshot taken Nov 9th, after my very first full-cycle charge)

I could NOT be happier, this thing is super hard to kill when just doing simple tasks such as Pages and web browsing (at 50% brightness)! When I first bought the iPad Air, it came with 43% battery, so I took the day to deliberately try to kill it so I can give it a full charge cycle. After that...well...15-20 hours of use seems to be my average. I take this thing to work, and I work 8 hour shifts, and by the end of my shift, even after constant use, my battery life is usually sitting at around 60% left, which is amazing.

A couple of my colleagues got the iPad Air as well, and they're telling me that they're getting the same kind of battery usage as myself. So now I'm wondering if Apple made an error with advertising 10-hour battery life, my colleagues and I are just incredibly lucky, or yeah...

What kind of battery usage are you guys seeing?


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Oct 7, 2012
I still have "The New" iPad which has a retina display. If I have a full charge in the morning at around 8 am my battery at about 9 pm is roughly 40% remaining. This is with moderate-to-heavy use. I don't play any intense graphic games but I do play Words with Friends. I use it mostly to browse the web and read books. I want to get the iPad Air but the sell-back value of my iPad is way too low and I don't want to pay the extra cash.

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