Battery not charging after the update

Jun 29, 2007
After i upgraded my iPhone to 1.01 it doesn't charge through the wall adapter. nothing happens when i plug it in to the phone. but it charges through usb connected to the computer . is anyone else experiencing this ?


New Member
Jun 17, 2007
If you can charge from a computer, the problem is with the wall charger and not the iPhone. Consequently it's not a problem caused by the 1.0.1 update as folks have experienced this with 1.0.

This might help in some circumstances:
Remove wall charger from outlet.
Remove the small corner part that holds the retractable plug. (with the prongs retracted, it slides off in the direction of the prongs. do not pry.)
Replace the part.
Repeat a few times.

(The part is meant to be removable as it's necessary to have different plugs for different countries. You're not breaking anything by doing this.)