Battery not charging all the way

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by eliteone, Jul 1, 2007.

  1. eliteone

    eliteone New Member

    I don't know if i got a lemon battery but the battery will never reach max charge. There is always a small gap betwee the green and right side of the battery. Also under options -> usage the top 2 bars never have values so it just shows that the phone is not getting a full charge. I get about an hour or 2 playing mp3s till the bar is almost back down to half...anyone else experience this?
  2. pepperco

    pepperco New Member

    You described mine to a T. Same thing.
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  4. iJohn

    iJohn New Member

    Try letting the battery run all the way down until the phone shuts off and then let it fully recharge. If the problem isnt fixed by doing that, I would suggest going to an Apple Store soon to get a replacement battery/phone/whatever.
  5. iphonenotify

    iphonenotify New Member

    yes, thus is probaby a bug because it happens to me. Its not like it doesn't charge fully. It probaby just doesn't show that it charges because of a bug.
  6. pepperco

    pepperco New Member

    duh...I guess a little patience was needed.
    My iPhone just went full green ! I decided to
    try the AC type adapter. The AC adapter pushed
    it all the way into the green......try it !
  7. iphonenotify

    iphonenotify New Member

    nah, i charged mine all night on the wall charger. I still think it is a bug.
  8. propedderkustoms

    propedderkustoms New Member

    You should actually see a little power plug, instead of the lightning bolt, when the phone is fully charged. Do you see that?
  9. pepperco

    pepperco New Member

    Well that was quick....
    my battery stayed full green for only about 5 minutes.

    Yes it has the lightning bolt, I will look for the
    AC icon on the charge indicator. I bet if enough
    people complain about it Apple will update the
    software to show full charge, when its actually not.
    (the cynic in me says that)

    My iPhone was just full green about 5 minutes ago,
    I am going to power it down for a full hour while
    charging with AC, see what that does for it. That is,
    if I can stand to be powered down for an hour !
  10. eliteone

    eliteone New Member

    I do see the plug but it doesnt matter...the battery will still drop crazy fast. Also sometimes when its full charges or so it says it will randomly drop the big battery down about 25% and then it fixes itself when i power cycle the phone. I hope this gets fixed
  11. MomPOM

    MomPOM New Member

    Hmmmm... I don't think I've ever seen the power plug symbol. Weird.
  12. pepperco

    pepperco New Member

    I have full green now,after one hour on the AC.

    I bet it does not last long though !
  13. LESLIEx317537

    LESLIEx317537 New Member

    Heres what I did to get the unit to Fully Charge.

    Shut off the iPhones WiFi and Bluetooth, plug into AC adapter and see if it will show the Plug instead of lightning after a while.

    If I leave on the Wifi and BT, I never get the plug icon, only has the lightning bolt icon.

    Let me know if that worked for you guys.

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