Jul 6, 2007
Marietta, GA
this morning when i woke up my battery was fully charged and had the plug symbol on the battery. then i went to school and used it for like 5 minutes, just hsowing my friend somethings it could do. then i started listening to music with the headphones from about 2:30 pm, and now it is 5 pm and it just all of a sudden died. i didn't do anything at all during the time i was listening to music. the only thing i did was go to the mail app and hit refresh, and it kept saying "connecting.." and never did anything else. cuold it have died because the mail app was using the internet the whole time? i just plugged it in and when it started back up it said i had 23 emails =[ now to fdelete them all lol...anyways, even if that was what caused it, could it really have used that much power in only 2 1/2 hours?