iPhone XR Best price for old iPhone XR


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Mar 6, 2020
With the coming of every new iPhone in the market every year, you may be confused about what to do with your old one. Selling your phone is the best option because, with every new launch, the previous model's price also drops. Sell your old iPhone to help cover the costs of your new iPhone. I highly recommend you to sell your old iPhone XR to a genuine company rather than the offline market. You will get a decent price of your old iPhone as compared to the offline mobile store. Furthermore, selling your phone is an easier and safest way nowadays. You'll receive the most money for your phone if it's in good condition. According to what I have researched; these are the genuine websites if you want to get the best price of your old iPhone XR in New York-
• Buy Back Boss
• Recell Cellular
• Swappa
• Sell Shark