Best price to get iPhone 3G to work on T-Mobile, and how to do it?

Apr 10, 2009
Im new here. I want an iPhone, but att wants a $750 deposit to get service. I currently have a family plan with T-Mobile. Ive started reading that i can take my sim card out of my phone and have it work on an iPhone, but how?

Ive seen terms like, jailbreak, unlocked, never-lock, i don't know what all those are.

I saw an iPhone at for 799, it says it never lockes and can be used on tmobile, but is this what im looking for?

To really sum it up, i want to get an iPhone, but able to put in my sim card from tmobile and be able to plug it into my iTunes and do updates as needed and download apps that i want. What do i need to do this and who would have the cheapest price for one? I would like a 3G phone, prefer the 16gig phone.

Please tell me in detail what i need to do or where to go to get one and not have to worry about it locking and not being able to not use it. i do have messaging and internet on my tmobile phone now, do i need to add anything else to it?

thanks for all replies either here or email me directly at


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Mar 19, 2009
well lets say you buy an iPhone from a 3rd party source...outside of AT&T and Apple. you would than jailbreak and unlock. seems like you would have to get the 2.2 firmware i believe...because if you get the 2.21 it cannot be unlocked..which is the newest firmware. there is a sticky about jailbreaking and unlocking. fairly simple.